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Law of Obligations

From a general point of view, the subject of the law of obligations, which is the subject of almost every legal transaction, all kinds of contracts, especially purchase, sale and rental, pre- and post-contract responsibilities,  pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages listed as demands.


Within the framework of the law of obligations, which is one of the most active areas of our office, preventive legal services such as providing consultancy according to the subject of the transaction, preparing, examining and revising the contract can prevent many grievances and compensate the losses with realistic compensation claims that overlap with the damage.

  • Lawsuits for tort, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages

  • Contracts law, contractual claims, interest and collateral damage lawsuits

  • Claims for damages arising from fault liability and strict liability

  • Assignment of receivable

  • Construction law, claims arising from the contract of exception

  • Establishment of ordinary partnerships, liquidation of joint venture, lawsuits between partners

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