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Family law, which has been established to protect the unity of the family to which individuals get included through ways such as marriage, being adopted (adoption) or birth, comes in question in case of changes in the family unity subject to law or various disputes between family members.

Especially in case that frictions between family members make the continuity of the family unity impossible, issues subject to law such as property sharing of estate and assets, guardianship, material and moral damages, maintenance payments come into question. To assure that cases can be overcome with the minimum material and moral damages, our law firm assists its clients as regards the management of fragile processes family law themes such as divorce of which the psychological process may be extremely exhaustive.


  • Uncontested divorce or contested divorce actions

  • Actions for material and moral damages arising out of disengagement

  • Property sharing actions

  • Maintenance actions

  • Actions for guardianship and actions for care and protection

  • Child abduction actions at international level

  • Affiliation cases

  • Adoption proceedings

  • Recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions of Turkish nationals living abroad obtained from foreign courts

  • Actions due to the law on protection of family

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