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Family Law

Family law, which is established with the aim of protecting the family unity in which individuals are involved through marriage, adoption or birth, comes into play in case of changes in the law within the family unity or in case of various disputes between family members.


Especially in cases where conflicts between family members make the continuation of family unity impossible, legal subjects such as custody, sharing of movable and immovable property, pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation, alimony come into play. Our office assists its clients in the management of the sensitive processes required to overcome the cases such as divorce, which is the subject of family law, where the psychological process can be quite tiring, with the least material and moral damage.

  • Uncontested or contentious divorce cases

  • Lawsuits for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from the breaking of the engagement

  • Property sharing cases

  • Alimony cases

  • Custody and guardianship cases

  • International child abduction cases

  • Paternity cases and denial of lineage cases

  • Adoption proceedings

  • Obtained from foreign courts by Turkish citizens living abroad
    recognition and enforcement of divorce decrees

  • Lawsuits on family protection

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