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Enforcement and Bankruptsy Law

Our office carries out an efficient and comprehensive study on enforcement and bankruptcy law and debt-debt management.


Follow-up processes are concluded by us in a fast and target-based manner. Our office takes initiatives to achieve results in the shortest time and in the most effective way in order to collect the receivables of its clients. Our office provides legal support to its clients in the enforcement-bankruptcy proceedings on issues such as getting rid of debt, cancellation cases and postponing bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Annulment of the debtor's asset reduction transactions by investigating the real assets of the debtors

  • Carrying out eviction proceedings, filing lawsuits

  • All kinds of receivables with or without a verdict in enforcement offices

  • Precautionary lien, lien and custody transactions

  • Objection and determination cases

  • Collection of commercial and personal receivables, collateralization, conversion of guarantees into money

  • Enforcement proceedings through the sale of sequestered movable and real estate, and the liquidation of pledges and mortgages

  • Execution of court decisions

  • Implementation of interim injunction orders

  • Realization of actual foreclosure and sales transactions

  • Follow-up of enforcement proceedings regarding goods subject to special regulations such as ships, aircraft and real estate

  • Determination of the real values of seized movables and real estates

  • Relief of the debtor from unfair payment by ensuring the full implementation of the procedural actions

  • Establishment of settlement agreements and payment protocols based on security

  • Postponing bankruptcy and making bankruptcy decisions

  • Managing relations with trustees

  • Preparing the liquidation plans, making and following up the receivables records

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