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Criminal Law

Sociological and financial factors cause investigations and prosecutions as well as legal disputes, and crimes and actions included in the crime to create perpetrators or victims.


It is obvious that the criminal trial process requires extra care, attention and expertise due to the seriousness of the possible sanctions that may come up at the end of the process. Our firm, with its expert team, serves its clients not only in the legal part but also in the sensitive process, which can be very heavy psychologically, of the criminal cases it carries out together with Turkey's leading consultants.

  • Making a criminal complaint, follow-up and necessary interventions during the preparatory investigation of the Public Prosecutor's Office

  • Being present during the taking of statements at the law enforcement and prosecutor's office

  • Being the defendant's lawyer and the complainant's attorney in the Heavy Penal Courts

  • Being the defendant's lawyer and the complainant's attorney in Criminal Courts of First Instance

  • Being the defendant's lawyer and the complainant's attorney before the regional courts of appeal and the Supreme Court

  • Objection to the decisions of non-prosecution given by the prosecutor's office

  • Objection to arrest warrants

  • Criminal cases arising from traffic accidents, objections and determinations against the defect rate,

  • Criminal proceedings and lawsuits arising from foreign exchange legislation and intellectual and industrial property rights

  • Timeout of criminal records and registers, etc. Deletion requests for legal reasons

  • Complaints and litigation for penal sanctions regulated by enforcement and bankruptcy law and other special laws

  • Removal of defamation, slander and fraudulent damage 

  • Making individual applications to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights

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