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Labor and Social Security Law

Labor law, which comes to the fore in every field where workers and employers are involved, aims to mutually regulate the rights and duties between the employer and the worker.


Labor law can be characterized as a constantly changing branch of law due to the new regulations made in recent years and the constant renewal of these regulations with the regulations, circulars and the Supreme Court case law.


Our office represents both workers and employers in the field of labor law throughout the country, and has a wide service capacity in the field of labor law with its competent and experienced team.

  • General legal consultancy on legal obligations that employers must comply with in the field of labor and social insurance law

  • Preparation and consultancy of all kinds of contracts and documents concerning labor law

  • Preparation and review of non-compete and confidentiality agreements

  • Following up the cases for and against our clients regarding labor law

  • Providing legal support in all kinds of examinations carried out by official institutions at the workplace or on company documents, and following the appeal process against administrative fines imposed due to irregularities in employment practices as a result of the inspections carried out at the workplace.

  • Legal dimension of externalization of employment and employer-subcontractor relationship and consultancy on necessary procedures

  • Resolving disputes arising from the Labor Law by agreement or litigation on behalf of the employer, evaluation and execution of all kinds of dispute resolution processes, including litigation and mediation.

  • Preparation of the legal infrastructure of the measures to be taken by the employer in the field of occupational health and safety

  • Follow-up of cases regarding termination of employment contract, annual paid leave, wages, dismissal, reemployment

  • Matters to be considered in personnel employment

  • Providing legal support in restructuring and human resources planning processes and collective dismissal practices within the company

  • Preparation of all kinds of in-house policies and procedures for employees, operation of performance management processes and organization of seminars and training programs within this scope

  • Providing legal consultancy services on the execution of the termination procedure, making risk assessments and preparing mutual rescission agreements

  • Participating in collective bargaining negotiations and following up on the preparation of the collective bargaining agreement

  • Management of all aspects of the unionization process by providing consultancy services on relations with unions

  • Providing consultancy services on benefits and compensations provided to employees, prevention of discrimination, ethics and compliance

  • Providing consultancy services on making applications for work and residence permits of foreign employees assigned to local companies and obtaining these permits

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