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Banking and Financial Law

Regarding the banking and finance sector, our law firm provides "preventive legal services" against the problems that may arise in order to prevent possible disputes as much as possible, and also offers training, consultancy and audit services regarding existing or newly introduced legal regulations.


In addition, our law firm ensures that the contracts in the banking and finance sector are up-to-date and enforceable, while ensuring that the legal process is less costly and shorter with alternative dispute resolution methods, and within this framework, trade secrets are kept safe. In addition, some of the services we provide to our clients are as follows:

  • Protection of personal data and IT law

  • Making contracts up-to-date, legal and functional

  • Legal compliance audit

  • Resolution of disputes through mediation

  • Arbitration and dispute resolution in local courts

  • Legal process management in internal and external processes

  • Guidance on new legal regulations

  • Providing legal support regarding banking regulations

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