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Inheritance Law is a branch of civil law and is closely related to the law of persons, family law, property law and law of obligations.


Inheritance law, which tries to establish a bond between the assets of the testator and his heirs as a result of death, which is the most inevitable fact of life and the most natural result of the sad; It is applied to the situations and disputes that arise as a result of this bond. However, it also deals with "death dispositions" made before death. Our office is a solution partner to all problems arising from inheritance law, and legal services are provided for all questions, problems and demands of clients in this field.

  • Obtaining a certificate of inheritance

  • Arrangement of wills and inheritance contracts, 

  • Cancellation of will

  • Opening a Tenkis lawsuit

  • Preparation of an inheritance waiver agreement

  • Action for annulment of inheritance certificate

  • Filing a lawsuit for denial of inheritance

  • Filing lawsuits for morator collusion

  • till death contract

  • Asset planning

  • Foundation establishment 

  • Execution of inheritance and transfer transactions

  • Cancellation of savings

  • Inheritance detection

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