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Our law firm aims to provide legal services to its clients to maximize the income that they will receive from their projects and to enable them to collect such amounts. We provide legal services on various issues such as financing of real estate, real estate investments, developing and contraction works; sale, management, lease and franchise of real estate. While our law firm intends to keep legal disputes at a minimum, in case of dispute, our law firm provides excellent legal representation services.


In consequence of meetings that we organize with respect to lease agreements, as a result of our strategic approach, we reach an agreement on provisions which are the most appropriate for the legal interests of our clients.


  • Accomplishment of routine procedures of real estate law such as constitution and cancellation of real rights such as usufruct, servitude, encumbrance, purchase, and sale of real estate, financing of real estates  and other procedures

  • Establishment and cancellation of encumbrances, usufructuary rights, servitude rights, construction rights, right of habitation, source rights, rights of passage, preemption rights, purchase rights,  revocation rights over real estates

  • Following preparation of lease agreements, management of lease agreements during their validity period

  • Representation at actions arising out of real estate issues

  • Accomplishment of records examination proceedings and due diligence work as regards the value of real estates before directorates general of land registry and cadaster and municipalities

  • Concerning a real estate which is considered for investment, examination of administrative and legal actions which are initiated and continue, provisional attachment and provisional injunctions in relation to such actions and determination of legal nature of such restrictions

  • Preparation of contracts with  respect to real estate constructions such as preliminary contracts for sale of real estate, flat for land agreements

  • Actions for annulation and registry of deeds

  • Representation at actions for increase of consideration, increase of consideration of compulsory sale by auction and expropriation actions

  • Consultancy services with respect to collective housing projects, cooperatives, establishment of flat ownership and respective disputes, proceedings concerning allocation of foundation land and mortgage proceedings

  • Following administrative processes concerning zoning plans and upon request, its cancellation

  • Examination of compliance of projects with environment legislation

  • Consultancy services and following processes concerning property acquirement of foreigners

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