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Real Estate Law

Our office aims to maximize the revenues of its clients from their projects and to provide legal services in order to collect these amounts. Financing of real estate, real estate investments, development and construction works.


We offer legal support at various points from real estate sales, management, leasing and franchise transactions. Our office aims to keep legal disputes to a minimum.
with the aim; In the event of a dispute, it provides legal representation in the best possible way.


As a result of our strategic approaches, we are able to agree on the most appropriate provisions for our client's legal interests in the negotiations we hold for lease agreements. 

  • Execution of routine and other transactions of real estate law such as purchase and sale of immovable goods, real estate financing, establishment and abandonment of real rights such as usufruct, easement, mortgage

  • Establishment and cancellation of mortgage, usufruct, easement, right of construction, right of residence, right of source, right of way, purchase, pre-emption, repurchase rights on real estates

  • Management of lease contracts throughout their validity period after preparation

  • Representation in legal disputes arising from real estate matters

  • Carrying out due diligence studies regarding the registry examination procedures and the values of real estates before the land registry and cadastre directorates and municipalities

  • Administrative and judicial lawsuits that have been filed and still ongoing regarding the real estate to be invested, examination of the precautionary measures and attachments related to these lawsuits, and determination of the legal nature of the encumbrances

  • Preparing contracts for real estate sales promise, flat for flat construction and other real estate constructions

  • Deed cancellation and registration cases

  • Representation in litigation, raising the cost of depreciation and expropriation

  • Consultancy in mass housing projects, cooperatives, condominium establishment and disputes, foundation real estate allocation transactions and mortgage transactions

  • Follow-up of administrative processes related to zoning plan changes and cancellation if requested 

  • Inspecting the compliance of projects with environmental legislation

  • Consultancy service and process follow-up on the acquisition of property by foreigners

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