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Personal Data Protection Law

With the adoption of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“ KVKK ”), a new era has been entered in our country in terms of the protection of personal data. 


As a matter of fact, KVKK within the scope of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“ GDPR ”) in force in Europe has created new responsibilities for natural and legal persons processing personal data and important rights for persons whose personal data is processed.  KVKK covers all data processors, but all data processors are required to take the necessary measures for the protection of personal data within the scope of KVKK and relevant legislation and carry out harmonization studies within the scope of the relevant legislation.​

Our office provides all kinds of legal services to its clients regarding KVKK, taking into account the sectors and characteristics of the clients:

  • Providing consultancy services on all issues that require legal action within the scope of compliance with KVKK,

  • Determination and analysis of the obligations of the clients within the scope of the relevant legislation,

  • Carrying out KVKK compliance projects in order to comply with the obligations brought by the KVKK and the relevant legislation, determining personal data by conducting a company review within this scope, making a personal data inventory, determining the purposes of personal data processing and compliance with the law, preparing a Data Retention and Destruction Policy, Supporting Verbis in registration,

  • Harmonizing the processes in the workplace with the personal data protection legislation

  • Preparing and reviewing the contracts that the clients have to conclude with their customers or business partners,

  • Providing in-company trainings in order to comply with the obligations under the KVKK,

  • Representing clients in investigations and lawsuits related to personal data and providing legal advice on this matter

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