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Commercial and Company Law

Commercial law and company law has become a field of law in which our country has been very active in recent years, due to the fact that foreign capital companies have started to operate in our country in recent years, domestic companies are expanding abroad with their tendency to invest abroad, and due to the convenience and exemptions brought for joint stock and limited companies.


Our office has been successfully operating in legal matters such as company transfer, division, share purchase, capital increase, regulation of articles of association, determination of legal status of companies, which are highly needed in recent years.

  • Holding company general assembly meetings

  • Establishment of affiliated liaison offices and branches

  • Capital increases and reductions

  • Mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs

  • Consultancy within the scope of capital market rules

  • Prevention of unfair competition

  • Transactions regarding the repurchase and pledge of shares

  • Legal due diligence and valuation reporting (“Due Diligence”)

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