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About Özşen Law Firm

Özşen Law Firm offers legal support in almost every field of law to its clients being natural or legal persons and creates the fastest, less expensive and most efficient way to reach the best result by developing strategies specific to each case.


Our law firm cooperates with consultants having expertise in different fields of law and has a network of clients reflecting the dynamism of the country.

Our Law Firm successfully performs its activities as regards various legal issues which require considerable legal support in recent years such as company consultancy services, spin-offs, transfers, share purchases, capital increases, preparation of articles of association, determination of the legal statuses of companies.

In particular renewable energy investments, our law firm provides legal support for the financing but also construction phases of such investments. 

Our law firm provides legal services on various aspects such as the preparation of the substructure of real estate investment and financing, construction, sale, management, rent and franchise of real estates.

Our law firm provides “mediation” services under the surveillance of the Ministry of Justice to its clients for cases where it is obligatory by law or not.

Through our work in the field of arbitration, an alternative dispute resolution process that can be carried out worldwide, we ensure that disputes are resolved faster and more effectively than in state courts.

With respect to the banking and finance sector, our law firm provides “preventive legal services” concerning problems that may arise to prevent potential conflicts, and also provides training, consultancy and auditing services with respect to the existing or new legislation.

To assure that cases can be overcome with the minimum material and moral damages, our law firm assists its clients as regards the management of fragile processes family law themes such as divorce, guardianship of which the psychological process may be extremely exhaustive.

In addition to agreements such as purchase/sale, lease agreements which are among the themes of obligations law, our law office provides legal services to its clients concerning lawsuits for material and moral damages and legal disputes as regards the execution of agreements. 

Our law firm performs effective and comprehensive work for its clients with its experience concerning execution and bankruptcy law and receivables-debt management. Execution proceedings are fast and target driven concluded by our side. Our law firm takes steps in the direction that enables clients to collect their receivables within the shortest time possible and in the most effective way. 

Our law firm provides several legal services including litigation, preparation of agreements satisfying the need, accomplishment of processes before official and private institution and always supports its clients to protect their rights at national and international platforms - if necessary and in accordance with request in English, French, German languages. 

Everywhere in Turkey

Özşen Law Firm provides country-wide legal services to its clients in several cities, notably in Adana, Ankara, Eskişehir, Bursa, Antalya, Izmir and Sakarya in cooperation with law firms. 

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