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Our law firm performs effective and comprehensive work for its clients with its experience concerning execution and bankruptcy law and receivables-debt management. Execution proceedings are fast and target driven concluded by our side. Our law firm takes steps in the direction that enables clients to collect their receivables within the shortest time possible and in the most effective way. On the other hand, for our clients which are subject to execution-bankruptcy processes, our law firm provides legal support concerning actions in denial of debt, actions for annulment and postponement of bankruptcy proceedings.


  • Researches concerning the real property of debtors and annulation of proceedings which reduce the property of debtors

  • Performance of eviction proceedings, initiating actions

  • Provisional attachment, seizure and retention proceedings

  • Objection and declaratory actions

  • Collection of commercial and personal receivables, over-collateralization, and encashment of guarantees

  • Sale of seized real estates and assets and execution proceedings through foreclosure

  • Execution proceedings of court decisions

  • Execution of provisional injunction decisions

  • Execution of actual seizures and sales

  • Following execution proceedings as regards properties subject to specific regulations such as vessels, airplanes and real estates

  • Determination of real value of seized assets and real estates

  • Assuring that procedural actions are completely applied and release of debtors from unjustified payments

  • Preparation of settlement agreements and payment protocols  depending on warranties

  • Obtaining of decisions on postponement of bankruptcy and bankruptcy

  • Managing relationships with trustees

  • Preparation of liquidation plans and making credit entries and following such proceedings

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